The health of a nation and its people is one of the most important areas that any government deals with. Healthcare practices, acts, and funds work differently in different countries. In America, we have a unique situation that has called for reform several times. We have a history of failed attempts to change the situation of our healthcare system. We also had some successes, but it is not what it should be yet.

Healthcare reform is close to our hearts and we believe that everyone should know what it is about. We started this blog to help our fellow Americans with understanding the healthcare system and what it can do for them. We also aim to educate Americans about their rights and the reasons why we need reform.

Our team consists of several healthcare practitioners, first responders, and even some government people. We all believe that America can have a better healthcare system. ObamaCare was a step in the right direction. We want to inform and also convince more people that serious reform is needed and possible.

American Healthcare Reform has the sole purpose of creating awareness and educating the citizens of this great country. We welcome input, comments, questions, and insights. We want to interact with our readers and we want to hear what your experience with the healthcare system has been like. The best way for us to help make a change is to have all the information, knowledge and support we can get. Together we can do it.