Top Reasons Why the American Healthcare System Needs Urgent Reform to Protect Its Citizens from Financial Ruin

The need for healthcare reform in America is all over. This is a topic that is discussed everywhere you look from morning shows to the government. Not everyone realizes what this is about or why it is such a hot topic. Healthcare will always be important, but why is everyone so upset about it? If you are not completely clued up or do not understand all the big word discussions, keep reading.

There are several reasons why America needs a healthcare reform. Below is a list of these reasons. Once you understand what is going on, you will understand what all the discussion and fuss is about.

Costs are too high – The United States is one of the most powerful countries in the world and ranks up there with other giants like Germany, China, and the U.K. However, when it comes to healthcare, the U.S.A. spends much more than Japan, Germany, China, Italy, Spain, Australia, and the U.K. Healthcare needs to cost less so more people can benefit. At the moment many people just cannot afford the healthcare they need, not even the basics, because it is too expensive.

The system is huge – The U.S.A. healthcare system can be compared to a country. That is how big it is. If it was a country, the American healthcare system would be the 6th largest economy on earth. That is very big. A system that is smaller and more effective will improve the way healthcare works and streamline the processes involved.

Private versus public – The government does not determine the cost of healthcare in the U.S. The private for profit organization AMA/ Specialty Society Relative Value Scale Update Committee determines and regulates the cost of healthcare. If the government were to regulate these costs, it is very likely that it would be more cost-effective.

Medical bills are ruining lives – Many people, with and without health insurance, have been crippled by medical bills. A study that was done in 2007, found that 62% of personal bankruptcies were caused because of medical bills. The majority of these people who claimed bankruptcy had health insurance. They still couldn’t pay all the bills because of co-payments, deductibles, and services that were not covered by the insurance. If you add these bills to other debt that has to be paid, it is no wonder that people are going bankrupt. We definitely need a change.

Politics without action – Since 1998, the American healthcare industry has spent more than $5 billion lobbying politicians for change. There have been many people and many attempts to get new bills and laws approved, but many, if not most, were unsuccessful.

History of healthcare – Before the Affordable Care Act (ACA), certain practices prevented people from getting the care they needed. Many people have pre-existing or chronic conditions that are preventable. Before the ACA, these people were refused coverage for their chronic conditions which made them even sicker. The bills they have to pay now to fix what wasn’t treated early enough is what is making them go bankrupt.

Prescription medication – Almost half the American population uses prescription medication. Healthcare reform is needed to help these people get their medication without breaking the bank or going through various procedures to get it.

Hospitals Executives thrive while others die – With the current healthcare system Hospital Executives keep making millions of dollars every year while the citizens of America struggle to make ends meet because of the cost of healthcare.

Chances of having diabetes – The chances of having diabetes in America, is three times higher than it is in the U.K. Based on this statistic, we clearly need healthier lifestyles and better health education. We also need affordable access to the medication that can prevent and help to manage diabetes.

Gross overcharging – A medical billing advocate who audits many medical bills, found that more than 90% of these bills contained evidence of overcharging. Medical bills are already expensive and as shown earlier, it can ruin people. This is evidence that we need a change.

It is clear from these points, and others not included, that medical costs are the main reason we need change. There are other factors at play and issues that call for reform, but the bottom line seems to be the cost. If other practices, procedures, and billing calculations are changed, everything else will get better. Without an urgent reform of our healthcare system, many Americans will continue to fold under medical bills and go bankrupt.

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