Useful Links

To help our readers understand what the American Healthcare Reform is about and also to understand the history, we have some useful links. These links will tell you what it is, what it needs, why we need reform, and what the future holds. If you educate yourself and understand the system, you will be much better equipped to deal with health issues and the system.

Please visit these sites and feel free to contact us with questions if you don’t understand something. Our blog section has articles that clarify a lot of the questions you might have, so visit that section as well.

For more information visit these sites:

Former president Barack Obama was very involved in trying to reform the healthcare system. He wrote journal articles as well as a Health Bill. He founded ObamaCare. These links will tell you more.

General information about the USA healthcare system, its history, its shortcomings, its implications, and its predicted future can be found at these sites.

For statistics on health conditions and trends in America, visit these sites. Some of these stats and facts are quite disturbing. We encourage all our readers to try and live more healthy lives.

Once you have worked through all this information, you should have a clear picture of why we need reform. Many Americans are in dire need of healthcare, but they just cannot afford it. Help us create awareness by becoming part of our community and sharing your knowledge.